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Lesson 6: Online Dangers

Here are some tips to employ to help keep you and your loved ones safe online.

  1. Be as anonymous as possible and think before you post. There is no reason to post all of your personal information online for all to see. Remember we talked about grooming tactics and that predators used info they gathered from online posting to use against their victims. Don’t share anything about your routine, school or pictures that let others know too much about your life. Be a Selective Sharer.
  2. Use privacy settings and parental controls. Only share with those closest to you to reduce the risk of attracting unwanted attention.
  3. Supervise young children’s use of the internet, including periodically checking their profiles and posts. Keep electronic devices in open, common areas of the home and consider setting time limits for their use.
  4. Be shrewd – Remember that people aren’t always who they say they are – in a perfect world we can trust everyone but this world is far from perfect.
  5. Remember social networking sites are public spaces – What you put there will be accessible by others and others can access you.
  6. Use safety software to help keep track of dangerous keywords or interactions.
  7. Avoid inappropriate content and behavior, and, if encountered, report it to the social networking site immediately.




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