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Lantern House

A Place to Heal

Lantern house is a fully staffed safe house for survivors of human trafficking. We work to support and empower survivors as they begin their journey of healing and rebuilding.

With the number of beds for survivors of trafficking in the greater Charlotte area actually decreasing, places like Lantern House are vital to the counter-trafficking movement. We seek to help those who had so much torn from them heal and find the support and dignity they deserve.

We can’t do this without your ongoing support. To donate toward Lantern House, cover a month of expenses or offer a matching gift, click the link below. Thank you!

Two more houses in 2023!

Our Vision: Two more houses in 2023!

It is our goal to have 2 MORE safe houses up and running by the end of 2023 but we cannot do this without you. Contact us to sponsor a month or make a donation to our safe house projects!

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The Empowered Parent

Knowledge is Power

As parents we are the gatekeepers to our homes and the best line of defense against predators. Knowledgeable, well-informed and tech-aware parents make all the difference when it comes to the susceptibility of our kids falling prey to those that would extort them.

The EMPOWERED PARENT initiative is a hands on class/teaching designed to give you the tools you need to recognize danger signs, the confidence to talk openly about the subject and the support you need to keep you informed and empowered as a parent. Schedule a meeting for your business, church or small group today!

The Parent guide

Download our online safety guide for parents and learn about securing devices, ways to talk to kids and the kind of online dangers our children are facing in their tech-heavy worlds.


Lantern Stations

Help us grow the Lantern Station Network!

Help us grow the lantern network as ambassador by recruiting businesses, churches and non profits to take the trainings, educate their staff and shine a light in there locations by becoming a lantern station!

According to the Dept. of Justice the current identification rate of trafficking victims is less than 1%.

What is a Lantern Station?

A light in every window

When signing up for the lantern you have the option of becoming a ‘Lantern Station’ – this means displaying lantern on your storefront as a symbol of your commitment to helping people in your community.

Displaying the lantern helps us create a network all across the U.S. that offers a safe point of contact to those that need help. Remember, less than 1% of those trafficked are ever identified. We believe the Lantern Stations will help change that statistic.

The training and the resources you receive will enable you to connect those in need with those that can help them, quickly and safely. With ‘a light in every window’ we can offer hope on every street in America…this is our goal.

Join the team

Want to find your place in the fight? We are looking for volunteers from all areas to help with everything from event planning to tech development. Click the link below to get started!

Events & Fundraisers

Event Help Needed

Come along side us and help us with our upcoming events! We need people to help with everything from 5ks, Crossfit WoDs to future galas and ceremonies. Help us spread awareness and generate the resources we need to keep pushing forward!

Lantern House

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The Empowered Parent

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