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2024 Projects

Home Base Growth

We’ve accomplished so much in just a few short years as a small team – far more than we thought possible! As you heard during the presentation, our impact has been significant and it’s just the beginning!
In this upcoming year we need to grow our NC base significantly if we are to keep up let alone help more victims/survivors like we desire and need to. We need to hire 2 full time and 2 part time staff in order to maximize our potential this upcoming year and take some of the immense pressure off our existing staff. We have some of the best in this field on standby waiting to join the team and it’s our desire to bring them on asap. To learn more about how you, your company or church can help with this, click below.

Housing / Freedom Drive

The need for survivor housing has only increased over the last few years. The sheer volume of those we serve requires more housing and more people to staff the houses. As you heard during the presentation, we’re making huge strides in this area and not slowing down!  One particular area of difficultly we (and many other agencies) are facing is finding housing for those who are no longer needing emergent housing but still need our support on their journey of healing. Those that transition from our programs often have very few options. That is why we are launching ‘Freedom Dr’ – our very own street that is managed by The Lantern team and offering on site support but allowing those that need help to access resources while beginning their journey of hard-fought independence.   To learn more about how you, your company or church can help with this, click below.

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The Empowered Parent

Protecting the Family / AI Toolbox

The longer we do this work the more we are realizing that the only real way to slow the tide of trafficking and exploitation is to start at the home and empower families to stay safe. With technology growing more sophisticated and children accessing it at an increasingly young age, a void is forming between parents and their kids when it comes to understanding this tech and staying safe when using it. We are developing AI driven tools to not only help families learn about tech dangers but have a AI assistant guide them as they ask questions about safety and help them secure devices in real time. With predators using this technology in greatly increasing numbers, it’s time we use this same tech to prevent these cases and protect the next generations. To learn more about how you, your company or church can help with this, scan the QR below or visit the project page on the Lantern site. 

The Parent guide

Download our online safety guide for parents and learn about securing devices, ways to talk to kids and the kind of online dangers our children are facing in their tech-heavy worlds.


Lantern Stations

Help us grow the Lantern Station Network!

Help us grow the lantern network as ambassador by recruiting businesses, churches and non profits to take the trainings, educate their staff and shine a light in there locations by becoming a lantern station!

According to the Dept. of Justice the current identification rate of trafficking victims is less than 1%.

What is a Lantern Station?

A light in every window

When signing up for the lantern you have the option of becoming a ‘Lantern Station’ – this means displaying lantern on your storefront as a symbol of your commitment to helping people in your community.

Displaying the lantern helps us create a network all across the U.S. that offers a safe point of contact to those that need help. Remember, less than 1% of those trafficked are ever identified. We believe the Lantern Stations will help change that statistic.

The training and the resources you receive will enable you to connect those in need with those that can help them, quickly and safely. With ‘a light in every window’ we can offer hope on every street in America…this is our goal.

Join the team

Want to find your place in the fight? We are looking for volunteers from all areas to help with everything from event planning to tech development. Click the link below to get started!

Events & Fundraisers

Event Help Needed

Come along side us and help us with our upcoming events! We need people to help with everything from 5ks, Crossfit WoDs to future galas and ceremonies. Help us spread awareness and generate the resources we need to keep pushing forward!

Home Base Growth

Housing / Freedom Drive

Protecting the Family / AI Toolbox

The Empowered Parent

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