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Combatting trafficking one organization at a time.

What is a Lantern Station?

A light in every window

After taking The Lantern Training, you have the option of becoming a ‘Lantern Station’ – this means displaying the lantern logo on your storefront as a symbol of your commitment to helping people in your community.

Displaying the lantern helps us create a network all across the U.S. that offers a safe point of contact to those that need help. Remember, less than 1% of those trafficked are ever identified. We believe the Lantern Stations will help change that statistic.

The training and the resources you receive will enable you to connect those in need with those that can help them, quickly and safely. With ‘a light in every window’ we can offer hope on every street in America.

How do I become a Lantern Station?

The only prerequisite to becoming a Lantern Station is completing The Lantern Training, a short series of videos (30-40 minutes) that will provide a foundation of knowledge on the subject of human trafficking. After finishing the training, you can sign up to become a Lantern Station below. This will signal to us that your organization is ready to become an official Lantern Station and we will equip you with the digital and physical resources from there.

*Remember, your donations go toward fighting trafficking and exploitation right here in the USA and you’ll receive regular updates about what we’re able to accomplish!

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Become a Lantern Station!

Thank you SO much for your interest in becoming a Lantern Station. In order to stem the tide of trafficking and exploitation we need our community to engage and this is a great way to do that. Simply fill out the info below or schedule a call with us and we’ll connect with you 

The Lantern App provides the updates, resources, and information you need to stay up to date on the fight against trafficking. With the option to opt-in to notifications, you never have to worry about missing out on the latest info.