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What is a Lantern Station?

A light in every window

When signing up for the lantern you have the option of becoming a ‘Lantern Station’ – this means displaying lantern on your storefront as a symbol of your commitment to helping people in your community.

Displaying the lantern helps us create a network all across the U.s. that offers a safe point of contact to those that need help. Remember, less than 1% of those trafficked are ever identified. We believe the Lantern Stations will help change that statistic.

The training and the resources you receive will enable you to connect those in need with those that can help them, quickly and safely. With ‘a light in every window’ we can offer hope on every street in America…this is our goal.

What does it involve?

Taking the lantern is a very simple process especially in light of the far reaching potential. just sign up on our website and give us a little info. From there you can watch & read with your family, email it to your employees or watch the videos as a group. Once the reading of the informational PDF and training checklists are complete, we’ll send your certificate of completion and all the necessary promotional and safety materials. You’ll also be given the opportunity to donate, which is always appreciated but never mandatory.

The information is simple but critical and is designed to empower everyone with the tools needed to remain safe in the future.

Periodically, you’ll receive emails, training videos and other resources that you can share that will ensure you stay up-to-date on key safety issues.

*Remember, your donations go toward fighting trafficking and exploitation right here in the USA and you’ll receive regular updates about what we’re able to accomplish!

Sign up in 3 easy steps!

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We send you the link with instructions for you to forward to your team to take the trainings

You notify us when you're done and we'll get you any display materials you request and add you to the Network

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