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Justice Week

Empowering the church in the fight against trafficking and exploitation

What is Justice Week?

It is our goal to mobilize the Church to join the fight against trafficking and exploitation. For this reason, we are asking churches across the country dedicate an entire week to prayer and fasting for the end of human trafficking. This will be a Sunday to Sunday commitment. With fifty-two churches fervently praying and fasting throughout the year, we believe we will see God move in a significant way!


Starting on Sunday we'll launch with an introduction, education, and awareness.


Your church will spend the week praying and fasting for the end of trafficking.


We'll provide training links and online safety resources so you can help keep your community safer.

Why should my church get involved?

We know the Lord has instructed us all through his word to “rescue the weak and the needy” (Psalm 82:4), to “seek justice” (Isaiah 1:17), and to “proclaim liberty to the captives” (Isaiah 61:1). Human sex trafficking is innately opposed to the heart of God, as it stands for all the things He is undoubtedly against. There is a deep spiritual battle existing at the core of the depravity of trafficking, and we hope to see this darkness brought into the light. This is where the Church steps in. 

We’re calling on churches to stand in the power and authority they’ve been given, and ask you to help us petition heaven for strategies, progress, and ultimately freedom for captives.

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What is required of my church to participate?

All we ask is a willingness for your congregation to commit to a week of prayer and fasting for the cause! We understand this could look different for each church, and even among the members, but our desire to have fifty-two churches commit to stewarding their week to the best of their ability. Maybe this looks like a corporate commitment to a day of individual fasting as we know fasting preferences can vary. Within your week of choice we also ask that you utilize any weekly ministry meetings (whether this be prayer meetings, women’s gatherings, men’s gatherings, etc.) to pray further into the Lord’s heart on this subject.

What can we expect from The Lantern Project?

We want to make this as easy on you as possible, so we will take care of the preparation. We will provide your church with access to our Justice Week Resources including things like: screen graphics, social media graphics, and prayer points to email or print for your congregation. 

There is also an option to have us come speak at your church on the first Sunday of your week (pending availability) and/or train your staff or meet with parents to cover key issues like online safety, grooming and how to spot predatory behavior. 

We can also provide a brief, introductory video you can share instead. This is a great way to lead into the week, set the tone, and provide some insight on the spiritual and natural battles we are facing.

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What happens next?

We’ve seen the Lord stir many hearts concerning the anti trafficking movement, and we expect that some people will express interest in getting more involved. For this reason we will be sure to include follow up steps, our information and how to reach us. 

We would also love to hear from YOU with any testimonies, words from the Lord, or stories you’d like to share with us. We’ll make this process easy by sending a link to a short online form that you can report back on how the Lord moved within your ministry.

How can I sign up?

We’re so happy you asked! You can simply sign up and choose your week below. We understand that you have busy schedules, so we want you to be able to choose a week that works best for you.